Kindle For PC – Download For Windows 11/10/8/7 PC or Mac [2023]

Reading books means gathering knowledge. Nowadays people love to read books on their smart devices like computers instead of reading hard copies. You may know about amazon kindle which is a device only for reading books. This Book reader is very popular all over the world.

We are going to talk about Kindle App for PC which works like a Kindle device. The User Interface, all the means, and features are the same as amazon kindle. The difference is you have to install the software on your device to read books. It will work like a book reader on your device. If you use this then there is no need to buy an amazon kindle.

You will get the power to adjust resolution, text size, mark your favorite sentence in a book, highlight words using this amazing software on your PC.

What is Kindle For PC?

New technology changes people’s habits of reading. Once upon a time, people love to read a hard copy of a book. Then after a certain time, soft copies of different books are uploaded to websites which people can download to read with the help of their electronic device. There are lots of e-book readers on the internet but those are not filled up with lots of features that people want.

After that Amazon released Kindle which is one of the best e-book readers. It is available on amazon’s online shop. You can download it from there to test the new experience of reading books. Yes, new experience because you will get a faster reading environment with lots of dynamic features.

Why Kindle For PC?

There is a question that is why kindle for PC? Because there are lots of free e-book readers all over the internet so why people will use kindle to read books.

Kindle software is for your computer. You can read a book on the big screen with a great resolution and quality. You can underline or mark any word easily and within a second with the help of the mouse. Sometimes in many books, you can see some notes or web URL’s to know more. You can easily click on the URL and visit the website beside the book. There is no need to use another device. You can do all of them on your computer.

As this is for PC then you can enjoy any fonts and font size you want. One amazing feature which can be a great reason to use the Kindle app that is you can see the last read day and time of a book.  So, we can say that there are lots of reasons to use kindle except using any other e-book reader.

Key Features of Kindle PC

Kindle App provides features similar to Kindle e-book reader. Let’s have a look at the dynamic features of the Kindle app.


If you download it and install it once you can read your book from everywhere because if you log in with your documents from any computer using the kindle app then you will be able to read all of your books from another computer.


Almost every app has a search option but Kindle is giving you the fastest one. The search function works so fast and you can search using a letter, a word, or even a sentence.


This is a superpower for a reader. You can customize the font color, font size, background color which you want.


It is possible to know something more about a word, you can get pronounce of a word or meaning of a word very easily which will give you a better experience in reading books.

Free reading:

You can read one chapter of a book before buying using this application.

Zoom and Copy:

You already know that you can set the font size in it. If you don’t want to set font size then you can zoom in to read a topic more easily.

Taking Screenshots:

There are many apps that do not allow you to take screenshots. Amazon Kindle for PC always allows you to take screenshots of a page if you want.

Details of Kindle Digital Software

kindle for pc icon

PlatformKindle For PC & Mac
File size55.5 MB (PC), 90.06 MB (Mac)
File Type.exe (PC), .dmg (Mac)
Ratings4.6 out of 5
Operating Systems- Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
- Mac OS X 10.10 or later
ManufacturerAmazon Digital Services, Inc Digital Software
BrandAmazon Digital Services Inc.
Release dateJuly 29, 2015
Date First AvailableMarch 5, 2015
Last UpdatedYesterday

Note: If your operating system isn’t supported, use Kindle Cloud Reader.

How to Download and Install Kindle For PC?

We are going to show you the step-by-step process of downloading and installing process of Kindle for PC. Follow every step which is given below to use Kindle for PC.

Step 1: First of all visit the Amazon website and log in with your amazon free account.

After that on the search bar write “Kindle for PC”. You will get your expected software on the search results, click on that. Or you can visit Kindle For PC below link:

Kindle PC app search on amazon

Step 2: And click on add to cart button. You can take help from the image given below.

Kindle PC add to cart amazon

Step 3: Now your kindle software is on your cart, click on proceed to payout option and click on the place your order option. Once you click on this your file will be available on the “Your Digital item page”.

Kindle PC app amazon Proceed to checkout

Step 4: On your digital item page ( you can see kindle for pc with a download button.

Kindle PC download from amazon Digital Items page

Click on the button and within a while, your download will start. So, wait a while till the download has been completed. Also, you can download from this download button:

Step 5:  When the file download has been completed, just double-click on it to install. After installation, you can launch the software and there you will see a login interface. Use your amazon user name and password to log in. After the login process, you are ready to use the Amazon Kindle App on your computer.

Use Kindle app on your PC or laptop

PC Minimum System Requirements:

If matches below requirements of your PC or laptop, then you can run the Kindle App for PC.

PlatformPC or Laptop
Processor:1 GHz or faster
Hard Disk:42 MB
Video Card:Any Windows Compatible Graphics Card
Supported OS:Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

How to get Kindle For Mac?

  • First Download Kindle For Mac installer file from the below button:


    Go to Click on “Download for PC & Mac” and your download will automatically begin. Kindle For Mac download button

  • Once the download is complete, open the downloaded Kindle_for_Mac_Download.dmg with double click on it. [It will usually be in your Downloads folder] And follow the on-screen installation instructions.
  • Open the Kindle for Mac app when successfully installed.
  • Enter your Amazon account information and sign in. Then your Kindle library will appear. Enjoy!

Mac Minimum System Requirements:

If matches below requirements of your macOS, then you can run the Kindle app for Mac.

Processor:An Intel processor
Hard Disk:42 MB
Video Card:Any Apple-supplied video card supported by your computer
Supported OS:Mac OS X 10.10 or later

How to read Kindle books on a PC without download?

  • Visit the Kindle Cloud Reader homepage in a web browser and sign in to your account if you haven’t already.
  • Once signed in, your Kindle library will appear. Double click on the book you want to read and it will open on your screen.

Kindle For PC Pros and Cons

Almost everything has these two things, Pros, and Cons. Amazon Kindle for PC also has it. Let’s discuss it.


  • When you will use this app you can visit big online libraries to choose books and you can read the first chapter of a book to choose which is totally free. Moreover, you will get a huge amount of discounts on each book you purchase using this app on your PC.
  • This app is great for learners from school, college, or university. Students, teachers, and researchers also can use this app because there is a dictionary in it which will help you to know more details about a difficult word.
  • In recent times most of the free apps are filled up with annoying advertisements. The amazing thing is you will not be disturbed by any advertisement in this app while using it.


  • It uses your Pc memory, If you want to avoid it then you can use the web version.
  • You cannot buy books using this app directly, You have to buy from the amazon website.


1. Can I use Kindle on my old PC?

Answer: Maybe you can because Kindle requires a very light configuration to use it. You need only 1Gb of ram with a 1GHz or faster processor. It will take 42MB of space on your computer. Any Kinds of graphics card is enough for it and you can use windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10 operating systems to use kindle on your PC.

2. Which are things I can customize in Kindle App?

Answer: You have the power to customize the interface of your kindle app. You can choose the background color, text format, font size, font color which you want. Kindle provides this option because different people have different choices.

3. Can I search for specific topics in a book using the Kindle app?

Answer: Obviously you can do it. There is a search option. Using that you can search for letters, words, and sentences if you want. The amazing matter is, it can search faster than any other e-book reader.

4. Is it possible to copy text from a book using the Kindle app?

Answer: Yes you can copy all the contents in an e-book like notes, links, etc.

5. Can I take a screenshot from the kindle app?

Answer: There is no reason to restrict this feature for you. Kindle provides you the ability to take screenshots from it.

Final Words

Everybody loves to read books, some people like storybooks, some people like scientific books, some like novels, People have different choices, different minds. People love to read books when they are at home, outside home, travelling time or when in a remote place. It is not possible to carry lots of hard copy books from one place to another. For this reason, human-made e-book reader and soft copy of a book. So, that people can carry thousands of books with them to read anytime and anywhere they want. Kindle is a fantastic invention of Amazon. This is a dedicated device to read books only. And Kindle for PC software is the carbon copy of Kindle which you can install on your computer.

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